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    Chesterton Introduces an Advanced Level of H1 Lubrication Protection for Food Machinery

    A.W. Chesterton

    Chesterton is pleased to announce the release of 630 SXCF 220 #1, a high performance H1 food-grade grease formulated for demanding services that expose equipment to water, brine, acid and alkali solutions and other corrosive conditions.

    630 SXCF 220 #1 uses a highly purified PAO ISO VG 220 base stock, thickened with a synergistic blend of synthetic calcium sulfonate complex thickeners and high performance additives.

    630 SXCF 220 #1 is the ideal grease when lubricating equipment that requires frequent wash downs with hot water, detergents or sanitizing chemicals. It is suited for virtually all food, beverage and pharmaceutical equipment use.

    The benefits of this food-grade grease include:

    • ISO VG 220 Base Stock
    • Designed for plant wide usage.
    • NLGI #1 for easy pumpability, ideal for central systems
    • Water washout and water spray off resistant
    • Corrosion proof…resists salts, fruit juices, carbonated beverages, processing acids, alkalis, and sanitizing chemicals
    • Polymer modified to improve adhesion on vertical bearings

    630 SXCF 220 #1 grease lubrication is highly suited for:

    • Meat Processing Equipment
    • Confectionary and Snack Food
    • Brewery, Juice and Carbonated Beverage Operations
    • Bottling and Canning
    • Pasteurizing and Sanitizing Equipment
    • Packaging, Wrapping, Finishing

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