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    Armstrong Fluid Technology Introduces Two New HSC Energy-efficient Fire Pump Models


    Armstrong Fluid Technology has enhanced its Fireset™ Horizontal Split Case (HSC) pump line with two new technologically advanced models.

    The new 5x4x10NF fire pump is ideal for installations that require rated flows of 500USGPM (1890 L/min) at pressures ranging from 55 to 167 psi. This performance range is perfect for applications such as high-rise buildings.

    The new 8x6x15NF pump is designed for installations requiring rated flows of 1500 USGPM (5680 L/min) and 2000 USGPM (7570 L/min) at pressures ranging from 54 to 168 psi. This performance range is perfect for medium sized commercial applications such as shopping malls or smaller campuses.

    Compatible with both electric motor (50 Hz and 60 Hz) and diesel engine drivers, the new Fireset™ HSC pumps offer industry leading features:

    • Double suction design for excellent operating efficiency and high flow performance
    • The suction and discharge are on the same center line to allow contractors to complete the piping before the pump arrives
    • Pump design using industry standard common parts (i.e. standard packing and gland) for easy and cost-effective maintenance
    • Right or left-hand suction configuration with electric-driven pumps for easily adapting to mechanical room piping arrangements
    • Compact design (distance between suction and discharge flanges) for easier installation and maintenance in tight spaces

    The Armstrong line of Fireset™ HSC Pumps offers a performance range of 500 USgpm to 3,000 USgpm.


    About Armstrong Fluid Technology

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