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Save the Date: November 29 – 30, 2017 Using Partnerships to Build American Infrastructure

P3 Federal Conference

Join us this November for our first conference focused on project delivery at the Federal department and agency level, and the opportunities that represents for states and municipalities.

As the role of public-private partnerships continues to expand in the United States, the Federal government is increasingly looking towards the private sector for innovative structures that bring capital, efficiency, and resiliency to complex infrastructure challenges in water, transportation, defense, energy, and public facilities.

The P3 Federal Conference provides tools and guidance to assist in educating public representatives, policy-makers, and industry participants in the implementation of P3 projects.  The program examines national P3 policy, the expected role and application of P3s in the White House’s trillion dollar Infrastructure plan, asset recycling, and opportunities for state and local government to participate.

Be part of the national dialogue on P3s, and join industry experts and practitioners as they explore the advantages, limitations, best options for alternative project delivery in U.S. infrastructure.

The P3 Federal Conference features two days of in-depth learning, business development, and networking with an elite mix of government, finance, and business officers engaged in infrastructure development.

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Register by Friday, September 15 to secure early registration discounts and save $300.

Who Attends?  

The P3 Federal Conference brings together public officials including agency and department representatives, elected officials, congressional staff members, and policy leaders evaluating the use of P3’s with industry, contractors, P3 practitioners, planning experts, and local and state owners to discuss project opportunities and methods to promote investment in U.S. infrastructure.

Attendees seeking to better understand the development and operation of the P3 model will benefit from our industry experts presenting their knowledge, and valuable insights into market trends crucial for business decisions. State and municipalities with significant federal footprints will also want to attend.

More seasoned professionals will benefit from our incredible networking opportunities to cultivate relationships with government and industry influencers.

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2017 Agenda: Policy Workshops, Regional Surveys, Networking, and More!

The P3 Federal Conference program includes workshops for policy makers, regional P3 showcases, a closer look at upcoming projects, trends, and infrastructure needs in Transportation, Defense, Water, Health, Housing, and Social Infrastructure.

Through a series of keynotes, case studies, panels, workshops, and roundtable networking opportunities, attendees will deepen their understanding on the value proposition of P3s, and the role they can play in the delivery of essential infrastructure.

Over 80 leading industry practitioners will present their firsthand observations of P3 projects. Facilitated by some of our industry’s leading experts, participants will be able to ask questions and share experiences on specific case studies, targeted issues, and topics shaping the P3 landscape while meeting other project owners confronting similar challenges.

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Discover Federal P3 Development Opportunities

The program examines major P3 projects and infrastructure objectives being evaluated by agencies including the:

  • S. Department of Defense
  • S. Department of Interior
  • S. Department of Transportation
  • S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • General Service Administration

Industry and public agency representatives will also outline the challenges and offer solutions and practical advice for policy suggestions as a means to increase private investment and promote infrastructure development within both agencies and across the country.

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The P3 Federal Conference is a part of P3C, which delivers some of the largest infrastructure focused events in the country.

P3C events are supported by: 

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