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Neptune™ Releases Redesigned Models of Abaque™ Series Peristaltic (Hose) Pumps


Neptune, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a leading brand of chemical metering and peristaltic pumps, portable mixers, chemical feed systems and other related equipment, is pleased to announce that it has redesigned its line of Abaque Series Peristaltic (Hose) Pumps to incorporate a wide variety of robust design enhancements. Replacing the ABN line, these Heavy-Duty Neptune (HDN) pumps feature a new hose connection system that has an improved clamping system with fewer parts to simplify hose replacement, a redesigned pump rotor to decrease weight and increase strength, and a new oval viewing window that allows shoe adjustment without removing the cover.

Neptune Abaque Series pumps meet the challenging requirements of a wide variety of industries thanks to a seal-free design that eliminates leaks and product contamination. These self-priming pumps can run in forward or reverse and offer suction-lift capabilities to 25.5 feet (9 meters), as well as the ability to run dry without adversely affecting performance, pressure and accuracy (no slip). Abaque pumps are available in ductile iron and stainless steel construction, allowing higher discharge pressure up to 217 psi (15 bar).

The pumping action of the Abaque Series is achieved by compression of a circular loop of elastomeric hose with two diametrically opposed rotating shoes. This rotational motion forces the fluid in the hose to move ahead of each shoe. When each shoe reaches the top of the loop, the reinforced hose immediately returns to its original shape, ensuring suction and priming, creating a strong vacuum pulling more fluid inside. This results in a pump that features higher performance, increased reliability and ability to handle the toughest pumping challenges, including extremely abrasive and aggressive fluids.

Abaque Series hoses are available in natural rubber (highly resilient with excellent abrasion resistance and strength), Nitrile Buna Rubber (highly wear resistant to oily products), Nitrile Buna Rubber with FDA Liner (used in hygienic applications), EPDM (high chemical resistance when handling concentrated acids, alcohols and ketones) and Hypalon® (resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes and ultraviolet light). Abaque pumps are available in 9 difference sizes, with flow rates ranging from 0.13 to 48.3 m3/h (0.59 to 212.64 gpm).

For more information on Neptune products, please visit neptune1.com. Neptune is part of PSG®, a Dover company. For more on PSG, please go to psgdover.com.

 About Neptune Chemical Pump Co.:

Neptune Chemical Pump Company is a premier manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, chemical feed systems and chemical injection accessories.  Neptune’s hydraulic and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps are well known for injecting chemicals into boilers and cooling towers, and in water and wastewater treatment applications. Major applications also include power generation, oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, and irrigation markets. Other Neptune products include make-down systems to prepare and activate liquid or dry polymer for injection into water and wastewater treatment processes, and a complete line of portable mixers. Neptune — headquartered in North Wales, PA, USA — is part of PSG®, a Dover company.


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