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My Future Lady Boss

Charli's Blog

My Future Lady Boss

I was reminded yesterday that passion and persistence is the key to an entrepreneur’s success.  My daughter, Karli, is our biggest Empowering Pumps fan. She is the best cheerleader I could have asked for.  Yesterday, she woke up and wanted to go to work with me.  She dressed in her “Empowering Pumps colors” and was ready for the day ahead.

Our morning started with a delivery of EP&E swag. She immediately jumped at the opportunity to help Elisa bring in the boxes.

As she looked at the items, she had an idea… She brought the idea to me.  “You know if you sell these Empowering Pumps bracelet to people you could get more fans.”  I loved that she had this idea. But, it was not just an idea to Karli… She was ready to work!

She grabbed the box of bracelets and headed outside. Then…once she was set up with her plan she discussed how much she could sell them for… So I ask Elisa how much we paid for them and then added a little profit for her.

I had a meeting planned with my team, and quickly said.  OK, you can stand right outside my door and try to sell these bracelets.  She started shouting “PumpTalk Bracelets – Get your Pump Talk bracelets”  It was the cutest moment… She is smiling so big and looking super “cutie” in her EP outfit…  I did not want to take my eyes off her!  Even after I tried to turn my attention to the team, I only wanted to watch the passion my daughter had for #pumptalk. I could hear her sweet voice through the door and I was in awe… At that moment, she was inspiring me!

Within 30 seconds she had her first customer.  I stopped my meeting.

I made a big deal about this.  I took a photo of the awesome girls that had supported Karli and I also gave them an extra bracelet for free.  I got excited with Karli which had her jumping up and down and she wanted to make another sell… well actually… I think she was driven enough without my encouragement but I got to join in the celebration of her success.

I will note she did not stop at just selling the bracelet.  Then it was pens and then giving my business card away to people that didn’t have any cash.  She was a true marketer adapting for her customers’ needs.  It was just beautiful to watch… The tasks we do every day, celebrated by a 7 year old.  Within a couple hours, she was ready to walk into the bank and sell the employees… I had to stop her there or we would not have any swag left for AWWA next week.

My meeting was not successful, but I would say I made an “A” in mom and mentor yesterday and that… was priceless.

What are you doing to inspire the future entrepreneurs around you?

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