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Research shows new LPD Y-Strainer has lower pressure drops than baskets


The reasons you select a basket strainer instead of a Y-strainer are no longer valid. Independent testing shows the new LPD Y-strainer is better than a basket strainer.

  • The LPD has lower pressure drops.
  • It has a larger screen.
  • And the screen is easier to clean than the old Y-strainer.

When one of our customers was disappointed with the pressure drops experienced after installing basket strainers, Metraflex sent them two LPD Y-strainers for free to test. Their pressure drops were so much lower they ordered LPD Y-strainers to replace all the basket strainers.

Metraflex invested in independent testing to prove that the pressure drop charts that everyone uses for basket strainers are very wrong! Pressure drops for baskets are bigger than everyone has been saying for decades. Not only were these charts wrong, but the LPD Y-strainer performed significantly better than a basket strainer.

Change your “strainer thinking”
In addition to the LPD Y-strainers also showing lower pressure drops, their screens are bigger. The LPD Y-strainer screen is bigger than the old Y-strainer and just as big or bigger than a basket. Plus, the LPD’s screen is easier to change than the basket or traditional Y-strainer.

Everyone is looking to save energy in the engineered piping system. Now you have independent research showing how the LPD should be part of the solution. Read the report from Utah Water Research Laboratory.

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