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Working to Make Life Better – The Hidden World of Pumps


Pumps are Vital to Life and if you look closely you can see the Hidden World of Pumps all around you… Working to make life better!

“Steadily working, but seemingly invisible. Existing everywhere and supporting everything. The melting of novel innovation and ancient science. Pumps are vital to our most essential systems.

They Power our cities, Refine our resources, Drive technology forward, Deliver our products, Enrich our crops, Nourish us. Pumps of all sizes help us build faster, stronger, higher! They protect us from harm, help us weather the storm, support our communities, connect us to one another and shape our environment… our world.

The potential of these devices is the key to inspiring the next generation to develop systems that matter. Systems yet to be imagined. Systems to shape a brighter future. Existing everywhere and supporting everything.  Pumps empower us to create a world of possibilities.  Propelling us forward and providing a richer safer and fuller LIFE!”

Empowering Pumps & Equipment would like to especially thank John Crane, Wilo, and Pentair for supporting the Hydraulic Institute in putting together such a meaningful video for our industry.  It’s wonderful to have partners who know first hand how Pumps are truly making LIFE better!

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