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KSB Supports Pump & Valve Service using Augmented Reality


KSB Service GmbH, which presented its new service concept at ACHEMA 2018, is offering service support via augmented reality. It is all about working with data glasses linked with the Internet or with a smartphone app.

Using these devices, users and technicians are guided during their service work by a KSB expert through video and audio. The experts, looking into their screen at their usual service workplace, can assess the situation through the eyes of the person present at the site.

This helps instruct technicians who are not specialised in pumps, for example, to carry out common maintenance measures, step by step. Further, the data glasses can be used to transmit exploded views or screenshots that can then be viewed in the corresponding field.

The required spare parts can be identified and the procurement process started in order to prepare for any work that might need to be performed by a KSB service engineer. You no longer have to wait for the expert to arrive at the site to determine what is required for any repair work.

Saving time benefits the user in many ways. With the pump being returned to service within a short amount of time, production can be resumed quickly. Also, a service expert’s virtual inspection might reveal that a specific action can wait until the next revision.

The data glasses further support commissioning. They can serve to check in advance whether the installations are actually ready for commissioning. Real-life tests of this system have proven very successful.

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