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    • Profession: Freelance Mechanical Specialist, Planner, Millwright
    • Expertise: Mechanical Specialist - Pumps & Compressors [Canada]
    • Years Of Experience: 12+
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    u·til·i·ty NOUN 1- the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial. 2- a measure of that which is sought to be maximized in any situation involving a choice. Like any sport a business needs a player that can fill several roles and adapt as the game changes. Steve Chwyl is a utility player in the industrial and energy sector. For the last 12 years Steve, has gone from a Red Seal Millwright and grown into senior roles as a commissioning tech, planner, vibration tech, equipment auditor, QA/QC and project lead. He has taken assets and facilities through their stages of life from install and commissioning to maintenance and repair. 

    You can email him directly at steve@nextpro.ca.