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    Kamran Mirza

    • Profession: Consultant
    • Expertise: Engineering and Business Development
    • Years Of Experience: 40
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    Kamran Mirza is a Progressive Cavity Pump Specialist, and an Oil and Gas Professional. Starting his career as a Project Engineer developing Drilling Motors, and Downhole Pumps for the Oil and Gas industry. Mirza worked to develop the Progressive Cavity Multiphase Pump for Robbins & Myers, and previously served as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing for the Dyna-Drill Division of Smith International, and as Director of Manufacturing for Baker Hughes Drilling Systems. As VP of Engineering and Manufacturing at NEOppg, Mirza headed the Multi-Lateral Drilling and the ESP Pump groups. 

    His experience and expertise covers drilling motors, artificial lift systems, multiphase pumps, wet gas compressors, drill cuttings transfer systems, and shale water remediation. Mirza has developed and managed projects in design, manufacturing, field operations, failure analysis and commercialization of new products in new markets. He is a specialist in advanced materials such as elastomers, composites, and surface coatings.

    He is an independent Consultant, and has authored several technical papers and holds two patents in Multiphase Pump Technology. Mirza also serves on the API committees for 675 and 676. Mirza has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.