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Guidelines for NPSH Margin Webinar Begins March 15


Join Hl’s subject matter expert, Bruce Ticknor III, Director of Engineering at National Pump Company, as he provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the standards definitions, NPSH margin requirements, and how these are affected by the range of operation of the pump. The webinar goes into key points, including: a method to calculate the available NPSH, understand how insufficient NPSHA will affect the pump operation and what NPSH margin is needed to ensure good performance longevity to pump equipment.

Upon registration, participants receive a complimentary, secure PDF copy of the Rotodynamic Pumps Guideline for NPSH Margin (9.6.1-2017) and earn 1 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits upon completion of the live webinar.

For more details and to register visit the webinar registration page.

Discounted group registration rates are available for both webinars listed above, contact Kaitlyn Reynolds at kreynolds@pumps.org or 973-267-9700 x 1121 for more information.




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