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Pressure seals that come through in the clutch


An athlete who hits more home runs or strikes out more batters is worth more, right? What we see is the performance on the field and the contract that rewards it. What we don’t see is all the hours of effort that athlete puts in behind the scenes to make that performance possible. It’s kind of the same with pressure seals.

Imagine it’s Wednesday and you’re doing maintenance and repair work at a power plant that’s supposed to be back on-line by next Tuesday. Suddenly, the maintenance supervisor says, “we’ve got to be ready to-roll-by Saturday” and your project planning just went up in smoke. You try to call the OEM for a pressure seal. But they can’t ship by this Friday and that’s the day the valve needs to be reassembled. That’s when it’s time to give EGC a call.

You talk to an engineer and learn that you can get a graphite pressure seal from EGC within 48 hours or less. When you fill-out the on-line data collection sheet, they’ll engineer a pressure seal that’s unique to your valve’s condition, manufacture it in less than a day and ship it to your location first thing Friday. Barely enough time to get the valve buttoned-up but it’s doable. And, the engineer tells you that you can probably save a bunch of time using a graphite seal because there’s no need to machine the valve body and bonnet.

To get a pressure seal in less than 48 hours, EGC needs to charge a FastTrack (or expedite) fee. That’s because we’ve got to get our high-performance team ready to work after-hours, on weekends or during holidays. It means having an engineer design the seal and getting our manufacturing people in right place. It means shipping via the fastest method possible including a hot-shot driver or a charter flight. Given all that – and the stakes if you don’t get the seal replaced in time – the FastTrack fee is a small price to pay.

So, the next time you’re up-against-the-wall, relax. We’ll do what it takes to perform for you. And get you the graphite pressure seal you need precisely when you need it.

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EGC is a recognized world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of graphite composites for high-temperature applications in sealing or thermal systems management. The EGC website can be accessed at https://egcgraphite.com/.

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