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Drinking Water Contamination Incidents that Could Have Been Prevented


Contributor: Watts

Seawater served at a restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia. Glycol-contaminated drinking water at an elementary school in Kentucky. Pesticide in the water supply to residences in New Jersey. This is why we speak out during Water Week – and every week – to protect our water supply.

All three of those incidents have many factors in common – not only did those events put people at risk, but the cause of each incident was the same: Backflow. Backflow, which is the unwanted flow of contaminants or pollutants that occurs as a result of pressure differential, can be prevented through awareness and training.

This week (#WaterWeek18), there will be much discussion around water infrastructure, how to protect the environment and safeguard public health through the provision of safe, clean drinking water. One of the things we can do is educate ourselves, and a first step is facing the incidents that could have been prevented.

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Water Safety: Protecting Our Communities from Backflow Incidents


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