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Finding the Right Gasket Material for a Problematic Steam Trap Valve


The Problem

One of DONIT’s customers was faced with steam trap valve challenge. We are talking about saturated and super-heated steam at 46 bar and 400°C. Previous graphite gasket materials applied to the valve broke up during installation, as they were unstable and prone to friction movement. Pieces of remaining gasket had to be removed and the seating of the gasket had to be cleaned.

The Solution

GRAFILIT® IQ is a special engineered high quality gasket sheet material with outstanding anti-stick performance. It is made of exfoliated natural graphite foil laminated by a special process to an expanded chromium-nickel-steel insert (1.4404 / AISI 316L).

GRAFILIT® IQ with exceptional thermo-mechanical properties:
• Excellent anti-stick performance
• Complies to the most stringent Fugitive Emissions regulations
• Fire Safe according to EN10497 (incorporates API607 & BS6755)


Fire Safe Test

As GRAFILIT® IQ is more stable, it does not break so easy unlike previously used graphite gaskets. GRAFILIT® IQ due to its excellent anti-stick properties, is easy to remove and does not leave any remaining debris on the faces and therefore easy to install a new set of gaskets.


Download the Technical Specs of GRAFILIT® IQ and review the Chemical Resistance Chart and guidelines for gasket selection.



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