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Gear Up and Seal the Deal with DESMI’s Magnetically Driven ROTAN® ED-Series Pumps!


DESMI ROTAN® ED-Series, internal gear pump, is the ideal solution for companies pumping dangerous or expensive chemicals. Leakage from the wrong style pump can endanger both personnel and the bottom line. With our airtight, magnetically driven pumps, companies no longer run the risk of a sticky situation.

There are multitudes of substances on the market that are either too dangerous or too expensive not to be utilizing a mag-drive pump. For example, isocyanates, the raw materials that make up all polyurethane products, can cause harmful effects to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract if not properly handled (proven by the Bhopal disaster in 1984).

In this instance, the best and safest pump to use is the ROTAN® ED-Series pump, a tightly sealed, magnetically driven device based on the DESMI ROTAN principle.

The ROTAN® Principle – Patented No-Leak Technology

The basic concept of a ROTAN® ED-Series pump differs from all of its kind, in that everything is one hundred percent sealed on the inside. To the point that dirt, or other pollutants, have no way of entering the pump, or vice versa.

The secret to achieving a fully enclosed design lies in the fact that, in contrast to conventional pumping systems, no holes or channels are required to bring electrical power into the pump. Instead, the medium pumped through circulates around a magnetic coupling carrying exactly the right number of magnets required for power to transmit from outside the device. Simple ‘centrifugal pump’-shaped channels in the shaft and rotor ensure continual replacement of the liquid heated by friction and re-circulation in the coupling. At the same time, this ensures efficient lubrication, as well as heat transfer from the slide bearings. The pump will easily reverse, allowing the medium to flow in the opposite direction simply by reversing the motor’s direction. Finally, unlike centrifugal pumps, a ROTAN® mag-drive pump offers gentle liquid handling and a high priming vacuum, along with the ability to pump highly viscous liquids.

Highly recognized, the unique, patented ROTAN® ED-Series principle is the most advanced internal gear pump design available anywhere today. It is by far the best solution for safely moving hazardous or costly substances with very little residue build-up, providing easier cleanup and cost effectiveness overall.

Trusted product and supplier

While many pump manufacturers have adapted ROTAN®-style technology, DESMI currently runs the market with its ROTAN® ED pump. The Denmark-based company has produced these particular pumps as part of its extensive product line for over 20 years, building an impressive technological lead.

By now, we’ve worked with this pump design in a tremendous variety of industrial applications,” says Peter Tipsmark, DESMI’s Industry Segment Director. “And that’s every bit as important to prospective buyers as the quality and functionality of the pumps themselves. At the end of the day, it’s this depth of experience that ensures high safety levels as well as maximum returns on the investment.”

Look No Further – DESMI has all the options

DESMI has researched every detail for its top-of-the-line pumps. The integral pump eliminates the need for external cooling for those substances needing to remain cool. Moreover, the addition of external heating jackets help to keep mediums hot by enveloping the pump’s front cover and magnetic coupling housing. Providing the perfect solution for any manufacturer’s needs.

DESMI also provides a large selection of materials for each pump, including cast iron, bronze, carbon, or tungsten carbide. The magnets themselves are made of neodymium-iron-boron, and optional samarium cobalt permanent magnets allow operating temperatures as high as 482o Fahrenheit. Moreover, DESMI offers internal and external canister protection as an added bonus to an already superior product.

Increasing demand

Market-leading companies such as BASF, Huntsman and Bayer have long been using ROTAN® technology from DESMI, but they are not the only ones to see its advantages.  In addition, companies approach DESMI to replace existing double-seal solutions that simply cannot perform.

DESMI continues to dominate the market with its well-proven technology, keeping businesses and people safe.




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