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    SIMS manufactures SIMSITE® Engineered Structural Graphite Composite Pumps and Pump parts, (Impellers, Casing Rings, Sleeves, Bushings, Mechanical Seals, Backplates, Shafts, Complete Volute Pump Casings, etc.) which are LIGHT WEIGHT and NEVER CORRODE IN SALT WATER, WASTE WATER, RIVER WATER or CHLORINATED WATER!

    Simsite® is a patented structural graphite composite material …offered exclusively by the Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc.  Because of Simsite®’s excellent mechanical properties, it is one of the strongest composites on the market today.  As a heavy-duty structural composite, Simsite®’s characteristics can be engineered to accommodate the specific requirements for strength and design of the parts and pumps being manufactured.

    SIMS manufactures Simsite® structural Composite Pumps, Pump Parts, and many other structural components,  which are light weight, energy efficient, and stand up much better to corrosive environments. All Simsite® products are resistant to erosion and cavitation.  Simsite® Pumps and Pump parts NEVER corrode in Salt Water, Waste Water, River Water, or Chlorinated water.

    Simsite® Products outlast and outperform other products on the market, and will therefore significantly improve performance and reliability.  Beyond performance, a look at total costs reveals that Simsite® composites are an exceptional added value. An evaluation of maintenance, spare parts, inventory, and energy usage, shows Simsite® composites to be the best option for centrifugal pump applications.

    Simsite® is a patented family of superior structural engineered Composite Pumps and Pump Parts approved by the US Navy, for Navy, Marine, Chemical, Industrial and Waste water applications.

    Key Benefits of Using SIMSITE® Pumps and Pump Parts:

      • Corrosion resistant and chemical resistant.
      • NEVER Corrodes in salt water, waste water, river water, or chlorinated water!
      • Cavitation & Erosion Resistant.
      • Superior to all metallic Pumps in Salt Water, Waste Water and Chlorinated Water services.
      • Higher Efficiency.
      • Light Weight. 1/6 the weight of bronze or stainless steel.
      • Simsite® Impellers have Perfect Balance & they Maintain this perfect balance over the life of the pump
      • NO electrolysis.
      • Increased performance, longevity and reliability!
      • Simsite® Pump Casings are 100% machined on the inside as well as the outside from solid blocks of the structural composite which offers Superior Mechanical Strength, Perfect Balance, Better Performance, and Longer Life.  Simsite® Impellers, Open or Enclosed, are Precision machined from one piece.
      • Simsite® Backplates fit all mechanical seals, or packing. The Seal chambers can be enlarged for better seal life & performance.
      • Simsite® Mechanical Seals offer superior sealing with silicon carbide against silicon carbide faces.


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