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    Over the past 30+ years, Reliability Center, Inc. has grown into one of the major global providers of Root Cause Analysis and Human Error Reduction solutions. Its innovative and results-proven analysis solutions have increased the precision, productivity and profitability of numerous business, industry, government and healthcare organizations worldwide. Designed to be a learning and growth facilitator, RCI can help organizations produce the paradigm shifts necessary to challenge the limits of mediocrity and thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

    PROACTOnDemand® is an online cloud solution allowing analysts to have a fully comprehensive Root Cause Analysis Investigation Management System at their disposal in minutes. Mobile Friendly RCA by Reliability Center, Inc.

    Our Training Offerings:
    The PROACT RCA Methods workshop teaches students to explore all failure possibilities in order to uncover and eliminate all the root causes of the incident under investigation. Upon completion of this course, students will have the skill sets needed to complete a thorough and fact-driven Root Cause Analysis investigation. With or without RCI‘s PROACT software, each student will learn the leading PROACT RCA Method for eliminating ANY problem.
    The Lead Investigator Program provides students with a solid foundation in mechanical reliability (fractology), and an in-depth understanding about the conditions that increase the risk of human error in the workplace. These integral skills will then be utilized within the PROACT® Root Cause Analysis framework and software to ensure that investigations are efficient, effective and successful.
    Failure Scene Investigation Training
    The Failure Scene Investigation hands-on analysis verification techniques workshop provides students with the skills and knowledge to strategically obtain and interpret the data necessary to solve failure by demonstrating how different analytical tools are used to prove or disprove hypotheses. Major topics included in this course: NDT Techniques, Tribology, Fractology, Corrosion types and Mechanisms, Human Performance Failure, Developing Data Collection Strategies, and Verification Techniques.
    This course is applicable to anyone interested in improving “Operational Excellence” via proactive human error reduction. While human factors engineering focuses on workplace design and construction, human error reduction techniques focuses on human performance. This is a proactive course that helps analysts recognize the risk of potential errors in their own workplace due to existing practices, interfaces with humans and technology, management systems in place as well as lack of adequate management oversight of such systems.
    The Basic Failure Analysis Workshop is intended to provide facility personnel the requisite skills and knowledge to eliminate the problems and chronic failures that they are experiencing everyday on the job. Students are provided instruction on a unique 4-step process that guides them through the technique of solving chronic problems down to their root cause(s) using real world examples. In addition, BFA provides the guidelines for the support mechanisms necessary to implement countermeasures to identified root causes.
    2 Day Schedule Formatted for Industry: This course is recommended for persons who will be expected to find opportunities for improvement and make decisions on how to best take advantage of those opportunities. This course also will benefit those who are responsible for implementing recommendations and how available resources will be best utilized. FMEA/OA is for quality, risk, safety, production, maintenance and business issues. Organize your analyses and drill down to find the ones that are costing you valuable revenue.
    Our Reliability Experts, Veteran Analysts, work together with you and your team of subject matters experts, to fully understand the human performance issues that led to any undesirable outcome. Uncovering why good people make poor decisions, is the key to any successful RCA. Let RCI‘s investigative veterans help your analysts so that they can quickly develop their investigative skill sets and not be dependent on external assistance.


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