KSB Solutions in the USA

    KSB Solutions in the USA

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    KSB, Inc. – Richmond, Virginia

    KSB, Inc., a subsidiary of KSB AG, brings to the USA 140 plus years of global experience and competence in centrifugal pump technology with cutting edge designs for optimum reliability and maximized performance.

    KSB, Inc. is a supplier of pumping equipment for the power, industrial, desalination, water and municipal and industrial wastewater industries.

    Our fully equipped Richmond, VA headquarters is backed by an established network of sales and service locations to meet our customer’s needs. In addition to an inventory of assembled pumps and parts, we maintain manufacturing, testing, and repair facilities in our Richmond facility. 

    KSB AMRI, Inc. – Houston, Texas

    KSB AMRI, Inc. established in 1979, a KSB Company, offers butterfly valves and actuators for industrial applications from simple water lines to highly corrosive services.

    Located in Houston, Texas, KSB AMRI, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturing facility for the ACRIS fully PFA Teflon® lined butterfly valve. In addition, KSB AMRI, Inc. also provides custom automation of actuators and accessories from its large inventories of products as well as those produced by other KSB manufacturing plants around the world.

    Under the market label AMRI Valves, KSB produces more than 500,000 butterfly valves per year making it a worldwide leader for this product.

    ® Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont Company

    GIW Industries, Inc. – Grovetown, Georgia

    GIW Industries, Inc., a KSB production facility located in Grovetown, Georgia (USA), provides process and non-process pumps and systems to the Mining Market. 

    Your GIW slurry products have a new look as we unite under KSB. All slurry products have been relabeled under the umbrella of GIW® Minerals. What this means to you is well over a century’s worth of experience in pumps and hydrotransport.

    But the developments don’t stop here. We want to help you maximize your process efficiencies and meet those tough production goals. That’s why we are in the midst of a three year multi-million dollar expansion project to continue to provide the best slurry solution in the industry.

    Our KSB mining team strives to be an innovative partner that provides you with the best and longest wearing slurry and process solutions. 

    For more information on KSB companies in the USA please visit us at www.ksbusa.com.




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