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Building the Future and Honoring the Present

Hydraulic Institute
Last nights’s Oscars reminded me of the week I had at the HI annual conference. The theme of the event was “Building a Future Together for the Next 100 Years”. I am hopeful that we can follow the lead HI members began 100 years ago to design better pumps and leave something better to the NEXT generation.
Much like the Oscars, the HI meeting was the place for the industry to come together to celebrate the PEOPLE who have made a difference in the world of pumping systems, essentially affecting the lives of people all over the globe.  You have heard me say ‘Pumps are Vital to Life’ and ‘Pumps are the Heart of the System”. As the pump industry grows, it is no longer just about the pump design, but Pump Systems Optimization. The Pump isn’t just an AWESOME piece of Rotating Equipment, there is also the #HeartofManufacturing  … and that is about the PEOPLE.
Our daily lives would be tougher if we didn’t have a pump system moving the fluid we need to its destination. This naturally makes me think of water… One of our most valuable and precious resources.  Jim Swetye@GrundfosUSA received the #PumpSystemsMatter Leadership award.
HI’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Rich Heppe (#NIDECMotorCorporation) who is now retired, has spent his lifetime dedicated to the pump industry. How powerful is that message?! Why did he?  I wondered…. Well, mostly, he developed strong relationships with people and felt they were like a fraternity of pump friends.

This includes mentorship and building trust with your team so they can pay it forward. As we move forward with HI being more inclusive and diversified, we are moving toward a family who cares about you and supports you in different ways. It expands beyond ‘one season’. The relationships you make here will shape your life.  I have witnessed this first-hand and will never forget those that have helped me understand the HI culture and family and also expand my knowledge of the pump systems community I LOVE.
One of the first people I met was Julian Atchia, SJE Rhombus, so I was excited for him to receive the 2017 Member of the Year Award! (Watch his acceptance speech).

I’d also like to mention Ernest Sturtz@CDMSmith,  received HI’s first #StandardsPartner of the Year! I met Ernie at my first SWPA training, and I could tell he was passionate about the industry. It was wonderful that he was honored for his work!
I’ll leave you with a quote from my dear friend, Jack Creamer, who we missed at the meeting this year! “It’s all about the PUMP baby!”


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