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Mineral Fiber Slurry not a problem for KZN Submersible Pumps


When a manufacturer of acoustical ceiling tiles and suspension systems experienced frequent flooding of their wash down sump pits, they were determined to find a solution to prevent flooding and reduce maintenance.

This manufacturing plant produced wetfelt and glass fiber acoustical ceiling tiles, which are essentially made of recycled paper and mineral fiber slurry. When equipment in the manufacturing plant was washed down, the system wash down water, which contained debris and particulate, would drain into a wash down sump pit, creating a thick slurry for the pumps to transport out of the sump.

With continuous wash down water flowing into the manufacturing plant’s wash down sump pits on a 24/7 basis, the vertical cantilever pumps were repeatedly becoming clogged. The excessive clogging caused the vertical cantilever pumps to be rebuilt twice; so the maintenance team decided to contact their service and support specialists to inquire about a different type of pump which might be better suited for their wash down sump pits.

Read about the more reliable pumping solution that this manufacturer implemented to avoid clogging headaches and reduce their maintenance costs.


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