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Armstrong Offers New “Solution Outlines” for Gaining Up To 80% in Energy Savings


Armstrong Fluid Technology has published two new Solution Outline documents designed to help building owners, design engineers and contractors realize up to 80% energy savings and 65% installed cost savings on their HVAC systems.

The first Solution Outline entitled Intelligent Variable Speed Pumps details how intelligent variable speed pumps with Sensorless technology can provide HVAC systems with the lowest life cost by consuming only the energy required. The 12-page document features detailed charts, graphs and explanations of how HVAC professionals can achieve the highest value pumping system for their individual installations.

The second Solutions Outline (Tango Intelligent Variable Speed Pump) expands on the first by explaining how Tango Pumps with built-in Parallel Sensorless Pump Control can further reduce the first installed costs as well as lifetime costs by more than 30% compared to traditional approaches. The six-page document also uses detailed charts and graphs to illustrate how Design Envelope Tango Pumps can help building owners cut their energy costs while saving up to 75% of mechanical room space.

Download the Brochure to Learn more about the Intelligent Variable Speed Pumps and the Tango™ Intelligent Variable Speed Pumps.

About Armstrong Fluid Technology
With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a forerunner and innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid flow equipment. With its expertise in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, variable speed, and demand-based control, Armstrong Fluid Technology leads the fluid systems industry, including HVAC, plumbing, and fire safety in providing the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.


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