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Abby Zimmerman, Applications Engineer, Explains How Engineering Students can use AFT Fathom Fluid Modeling & Simulation Software


Are you currently a student taking fluid engineering courses? Students from all over the U.S. are using AFT Fathom Student fluid modeling and simulation software to confirm accuracy of their homework and prepare themselves to enter the engineering workforce.

Here are 4 Reasons why you should put AFT Fathom Student to work for you: 

1. Work smarter! AFT Fathom Student is the best help with homework you can find.  As you can see in the video above, Abby Zimmerman, a recent engineering graduate, had been bummed she didn’t learn about it sooner. Try it out with any common textbook problem and you’ll see a whole new way to get results quickly and efficiently.

2. You’re eventually going to graduate and get a job… right? Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Power, Mining, Water / Waste Water, HVAC, (and more!) are all industries that use AFT to analyze, model, and simulate their pipe systems.

3. Knowing AFT Fathom will take you places. Seriously, it looks amazing on a job application. The companies you hope will give you a paycheck probably use AFT – which even offers reasonably priced hands-on training classes (lunch included!).

4. You will have a Senior Project. Use a FREE full version. Yes, AFT will give you a $5,000 product for free. Learn the basics with the AFT Fathom Student so you will be on top of your game to dive into the full version when it’s time.

Learn more about AFT Fathom Student!


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