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V-Belt Drives for Mine Slurry Pumps


A large pump OEM required a rugged v-belt drive solution for slurry pumps used by a copper mine customer. The pumps are used to transport slurry, comprised of ore and water, through a pipeline. After reaching its destination, the ore is separated from the water and the remaining water is treated prior to release or reuse.

Reliable TB Wood’s V-belt 8-groove sheaves were an ideal solution for this tough mining application. A 53″ diameter sheave was mounted to the pump shaft and a mated 18″ diameter sheave was mounted to the drive motor shaft.

TB Wood’s sheaves are constructed of ductile iron, and have been carefully engineered to assure maximum performance over a long  life span. A special strain gage test stand is utilized to subject sheaves to tension and compression stresses far in excess  of those encountered in actual operation.

The motor sheaves are dynamically balanced at the factory. All sheaves are available with convenient Sure-Grip QD type bushings. Easy to install and remove, these split, tapered bushings grip the shaft with the equivalent force of a shrink fit.

OEMs and end users routinely rely on TB Wood’s for their extensive belt drive application knowledge and in-house engineering capabilities. All TB Wood’s sheaves are manufactured to exacting specifications and high quality standards at our foundry located in Chambersburg, PA.


Altra MotionHighlights

  • Paired V-Belt sheaves
  • 8 grooves
  • Ductile iron construction
  • Motor sheaves were dynamically balanced at the factory

Learn more about TB Wood’s Foundry Operations.

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