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AllightPrimax to display Pump and Light Tower Solutions at ARA Rental Show Booth 6821


AllightPrimax is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and lighting towers for the global market with over 50 years’ experience as a well-known brand, building reliable, quality products with the highest levels of service.  AllightPrimax equipment is trusted by rental clients in the agricultural, construction, industrial, municipal, materials handling, mining, oil gas, sewage and environmental markets.

AllightPrimax pumpsets are tailored precisely to meet rental customers’ requirements, so at ARA, AllightPrimax will display a fully automatic self-priming CP80 pumpset built standard with stainless steel internals and adjustable wear plates.  These features make the unit user friendly, field serviceable and provide the lowest cost of ownership.  Designed for the most challenging and diverse applications encountered in the rental industry, the CP80 is reliable, fuel efficient and easy to maintain, and will run dry as well as prime and re-prime from a completely dry condition.

In addition to showcasing the CP80, the AllightPrimax stand will promote the SW pump series and the Urban lighting tower.

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The innovative SW range, specifically engineered for the sewage and waste market, introduces a new cutter plate, shredder claw and inspection port to prevent clogging.

The Urban tower comes with a hydraulic or manual mast with height of up to 9M and features LED lighting which offers immediate on capability and the most consistent light (does not fade), besides the lowest cost of ownership.

AllightPrimax has been a major force in the world’s automatic self-priming pump and light tower manufacturing market for over 50 years. The company’s pumpset array provides a solution for all dewatering needs and it ranges from 75mm (3”) to 300mm (12”) with low, medium, high and xtra high head pressure output. They are available in diesel, electric or hydraulic powered sets, which can be open or acoustic enclosed with skid, trailer or pontoon mount options. The light tower portfolio consists of units from 200,000 to 2,2800,000 lumens. AllightPrimax offers mast heights of up to 12 meters with a horizontal boom 10.7 meters. The units can be in LED, Metal Halide or Sodium. The towers are manufactured skid- or trailer-mounted with an acoustic canopy option.

For more information on AllightPrimax full range of pumps or light towers, email sales@allightsykes.com, call 704-587-3377, or visit their branch locator to speak with a project expert.

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