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A prime location for quiet pumps


Check out these Yakka pumps – seen in action in Adelaide

With premium acoustic casing as standard, they’re perfect for everyday use in built-up areas. Emitting a miniscule 65dBA from seven metres (at 1500rpm), they’re whisper quiet.

When Darren Emes from AllightSykes saw these Sykes Yakka pumps – hard at work dewatering in a suburban area – he stopped and took this picture to share. Thanks Darren! It’s great to see AllightSykes versatile pumping solutions being used in the city. The team at AllightSykes love to see their ‘babies’ in action!

Do you need very quiet pumps? Check out Yakka Pumps or use the branch locator.


Providing Four Specialized Dewatering Pump Sets in 6 Weeks


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